Demonetisation: Can it save Moribund Capitalism?

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Demonetisation was one of the nails in the coffin of the capitalism, which is 500 years old, diseased and on death bed. Now capitalism is unable to survive on simple sweat of the workers, ie, Surplus Value, but needs direct blood of the workers,farmers, children.
Terrorism, war and neo-colonialism are the nature of the new capitalist expropriation (Monopoly capitalism caused 1st and 2nd WW). At home we find plundering tribes of their habitats legally (Land Acquisition Bill) & illegally through police, paramilitary forces & paid goons. Workers are being thrown back to streets, wages reduced, their number in organised sectors being cut and thrown into unorganised sectors, where even government/public concerns use them via contract labour mates at a miserably low wages. The liquidation of labour laws, more than 35, was done for same purpose.
Such plunder is to stop falling profit rate. Profit rate has tendency to fall up…

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JV Stalin: Why uphold him?


Stalin furthered Marxism Leninism to strengthen Socialism in USSR. He was not only for the USSR but for the working class of the world, as a leader of the USSR! He is to be seen as the leader of the CPSU & not as an individual!
Khrushchev and gang did treason to restore capitalism. Trotskyites, Titoites, Social democrats were other traitors to the working class to join the imperialist capitalists and their agents, theorists.
Our aim is to re-establish ML ideology, socialist gains, which the workers & peasants achieved in USSR, the first state of the working class and other socialist countries, disseminate the lessons learnt in those revolutionary periods, re-unite the proletarian class and its allies to defeat the hegemony of capital in all forms.
Our aim is to ally with those forces who are with the same vision & goal to further our revolutionary work, share our experiences…

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The Battle of Prokhorovka: the GREATEST tank battle of all times

Power of Soviets, workers,peasants, soldiers!


“The estimated losses are the following:
Soviet: 2,000-10,000 people; 300+ tanks.
German: 800-10,000 people; 70-200 tanks.”
Almost a stalemate but the aura of fast moving, lethal Panzers vs dull, huge, ineffective Soviet Tanks blew up in thin air and hereafter the Nazis lost the ‘edge’ they enjoyed so far, at least psychologically.
It helped tide of the war turn! How can the Soviet era, the astronomical, gigantic development by the proletarian class, be forgotten? From women’s emancipation to missiles, from education & health to modern weapons, from solving national question to lakhs of women fighters, including fighter pilots, from industrial development to arts of world class, socialist realism?
Reason why we salute Stalin, despite all propaganda against him by the enemy class and not Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Trotsky, Tito and other renegades!

The Battle of Prokhorovka: the GREATEST tank battle of all times

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Defeat imperialists

Originally posted on Josep Goded: During the last decade, Netanyahu has been responsible for numerous violations of human rights, war crimes, sexual abuses of children and the death of thousands of innocent Palestinians. For years, the international community led, by the U.S. has ignored Netanyahu’s crimes. However, his recidivism of criminal acts against Palestinians on…

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